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Exceptional Craftsmanship is the Signature of Our Brand

At the heart of our company is craftsmanship; we’re all makers here. The urge to build things well is knit into our DNA. It comes with a keen eye for quality. If we need to discuss whether or not a product or execution meets our standards, the fact that we are discussing it tells us it isn’t quite there yet.

We are Guided by Our Four Pillars

Adhering to a code of both ethics and creativity helps us build a culture that attracts similar-minded collaborators, from clients to craftsmen. At The Guild, we ebody the brand values of our parent company, 180 Degrees Design + Build,  as four pillars: rigor, restraint, craftsmanship, and patience.


Over 20 Years of Experience Where the Details are Everything

180 Degrees Design + Build is an architect-led design-build firm specializing in high end custom residential design and remodels, technically challenging commercial design and construction, historic preservation, and adaptive re-use. Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding desert Southwest provide the dramatic backdrop for our modern, elegant, and purposedriven

The last two decades have brought 180 Degrees a wide variety of clients and technical challenges, resulting in award-winning work that defies the categorical constraints of a single aesthetic. Our
practice is driven by sensitivity to client needs, high performance demands, an intense climate, and the urge to create beautiful solutions for challenging problems.

Our experience as master builders gives us tremendous insight into how architecture actually works, helping bridge the gaps that often occur between a client’s vision, a realistic budget, and the skillful execution of significant, and sincere architectural works.


Featured In

Located in the Melrose District of Phoenix, we’re a collective of artists, craftsmen, makers, and fabricators dedicated to creating beautiful and unique custom fabrication commission worked in wood, steel, glass and concrete.

In 2015, our parent company, 180 Degrees Design + Build, an award-winning design-build firm, founded The Guild  through the desire to produce superior quality self-performing work in wood, metal and concrete fabrication. 

Our goal is to exceed client expectations through the creation of unique and memorable pieces, crafted from the finest materials.

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